Why should you prefer to install an ignition interlock device?

Ignition Interlock Device

Why should you prefer to install an ignition interlock device?

Speaking about an ignition interlock device, this a small and hand-held breath testing device that you need to blow before starting your car. If the BAC value exceeds the pre-set value, your car will not turn on. For many people, installing an ignition interlock device (IID) in their car will be too much trouble. But in reality, it can offer a lot of benefits. It may be noted that different states have initiated the ignition interlock device program to make people use such devices.

Do such devices keep you safe?

Well, it may feel like a little invasive, and the device is not necessarily affordable; an ignition interlock installation can significantly improve your life in different ways.

Different studies have proved that the device can be helpful in preventing repeat DUI- Driving Under the Influence offenders. Besides, it also helps in reducing deaths caused by people who drive cars while being intoxicated. As per a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, the states that have made it mandatory to install an ignition interlock device for all the offenders witnessed around a 15 percent drop in death rate related to DUI. Now, let’s discuss the benefit of using this device.

It offers the offenders a chance to continue to drive

In general, courts suspect the license of DUI convicts. But by choosing an an ignition interlock device program and installing such a device, they can maintain or regain their driving status. When they have the ability to drive the vehicle legally, they can now get with their regular routines, such as running errands, driving to work, and more.

Recidivism rates can be reduced.

Different studies have proved that lower recidivism rates or lower repeat offenders have been seen among first-time and repeat DUI offenders with this device installed on the cars. So, it is clear that having an IID installed in the vehicle is much quite effective compared to license suspension. On the other hand, installing an IID in the DUI offenders’ cars can also improve public safety as they can’t drive illegally.

The devices are quite affordable.

While it is a fact that the ignition interlock installation and its maintenance will need you to spend some money, but the reality is that the overall cost is quite affordable. How? Well, just compare the cost with the cost of alternative punishments that may be charged by the court for a DUI case, such as penalties or hefty fines.

It can help in predicting future DUI cases.

Most of the ignition interlock devices have the ability to store information related to breathing tests. So, they can help in telling the future behavior of the DUI convicts. The authorities can download and check the data stored in the device, and that enables them to gauge the likelihood of more DUI offenses. If they find the DUI with multiple failed BAC tests, they can strictly monitor them. They can use the data to decide whether to restore the driving license of the offenders or not.

It can benefit DUI offenders and their families.

All DUI offenders can benefit from this device. In fact, the device not only helps the DUI offenders remember and maintain their responsibilities but also reminds them that their action can impact their legal right to drive. On the other hand, the DUI offenders’ family also gets a reassurance that their loved ones are not breaking any rules related to DUI.

So, don’t take any risk and install the device now. Such devices are very simple and fit perfectly. The light patterns and user guide are easy to understand. Choose a reliable service provider and install it now.

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