Ignition Interlock Device Cost, Installation, and Buying Guides

IID, which we call Ignition Interlock Device, is a Breathalyzer. It is a device used to measure the amount of alcohol in the breath. Mostly, this device is used by the police. They use this to identify if someone is driving drunk.

If we typically speak about the Ignition interlock device cost, then it varies from state to state. As each state has its pricing regulations and device technology requirements. Also, it depends upon what type of interlock you want to opt for., Either you can get it through a state-approved ignition interlock provider or on rent or lease.

The pricing factor may depend on the company and its brand value but an Ignition interlock device or breath alcohol ignition interlock device (IID or BAIID) generally costs $70 to $ 150 and this may also depend on the type of vehicle. The offender has to pay the cost associated with the ignition interlock. Based on this, let’s discuss more Ignition interlock devices in detail.

Installation costs (One time purchase):

One time purchase:

If you plan to purchase it at once, it would not be a bad idea. You’ll pay less. Leasing will cause you to pay every month or until you purchase your own. So, if you buy it for once Ignition interlock device costs you around $ 750 to $900. This can also be a good choice, as most of the time, the dealer tends to provide some discount or offers to attract customers.

Rental or Lease:

Few companies also provide this as an offer- They will provide installation for free, but later will charge a monthly fee of $55 to $150 as stated by driving laws. Many consumers ask for free maintenance with rental fees, which is a good option., but then again it depends on the state and its regulations. In some states, the monthly rental is combined with maintenance. Few people might think that the Ignition interlock device cost is high. But when caught for drunk and drive cases, then penalties are more effective. So, this investment towards safety is more beneficial than the cost of the gadget.

Per day cost:

People usually do not prefer this, as it’s not so cost-effective. But still, if anyone plans to go for it. Per-day cost is around $2.50 to $3.50 for an interlock program.

Monthly maintenance costs:

Generally, this cost for monitoring and calibration is paid by the consumer either to the state or directly to the service provider., depending on the location. As mentioned earlier also, some may choose to pay this with their monthly rental cost. That way you can make one payment for two causes which also saves effort.

Removal fees:

Every service cost, wherein while winding up services it may again cost a fee. The removal fees range between $50 to $ 150 as listed by the state and driving laws.

Also, there are many factors that may impact the costs such as some companies offer a single model while many companies offer multiple choices., depending upon the needs and choices.

Tips to save the cost of Ignition Interlock Device

●          Choose wisely, understand your needs and analyze your expenditures and wisely select whether the installation of your own system will be a better option or leasing it would be better.

●          Examining price is the most important factor.

●          Proper market research is always the best option to select a product.

●          Always check for hidden charges and never forget to check for any offers specially in case of installation.

Hence, the above information provides you with a detailed guide on the Ignition Interlock Device.