What Is A Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device and How It Works?

What Is A Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device and How It Works?

 Speaking about a breath alcohol ignition interlock device, it is also called as IID- Ignition Interlock Device. This is a small and handheld breathalyzer for vehicles and is designed to accurately measure the alcohol amount in the breath of the users. Using such devices is a common requirement after a drunk driving offense, such as OVI, OWI, DUI, or DWI.

Once installed, and if the device reads the results of your breath test (Blood Alcohol Concentration) more than the pre-set limit, the device will lock the vehicle, and you can start your vehicle. If the value is below the pre-set BAC limit, then you can drive the car. Well, it is prettyessential that your breath alcohol ignition interlock device should be installed, calibrated, and serviced by an authorized IID provider.

Alcohol and the human body

When you have a glass of wine orbeer, the alcohol you consume will flow almost immediately through the membranes of your body and then will enter your bloodstream. Remember that after the consumption of alcohol, your bloodstream will carry the alcohol to every part of the body, covering the heart, liver, lungs, stomach as well as intestines.

When the heart pumps alcohol mixed blood to the lungs, you will breathe out a little bit of alcohol, and your breath will smell of alcohol. Well, you may try to rinse your mouth with a cup of coffee or using water to cover up the smell, but you can’t fool the ignition interlock device. The reason behind this is that the device generally tests your breath from your lungs.

How do you use the device?

Well, in general, every IDD will vary, but they all use one of the below-mentioned methods to test our breath and BAC level.

  1. Straight Blow

This requires heavy force behind the breath sample and quite challenging for users, and sometimes offer inaccurate BAC readings.

  1. Blow and hum

While using this device, the users need to blow as well as hum into the device. Well, for some people, this can be hard to master, and they can face unnecessary lockouts.

  1. Blow, inhale and blow

When you are using this, you need to blow into the IID mouthpiece for around 5 to 10 seconds without removing your mouth. Then you need to inhale back and blow into the device again. Such devices are highly accurate and easy to use.

How does the device work?

When you utilize the IDD, you need to blow into the mouthpiece for a few seconds, and then the device will register your BAC level. After that, it will send the reading to the ECU- Electrical Control Unit connected to the starter of your car. If the BAC is under the limit, then you can put your keys in the ignition and start your vehicle. Use the device and get your life back to normal.

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